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Post by Joel on Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:22 pm

The Forum Rules

Posting Rules

• All information must be posted in English.
• You may not post on behalf of a suspended or banned member without the Owner's permission.
• Racial or hateful remarks and any other form of attack or harassment is not tolerated.
• Adult material, whether nudity or violence is not accepted, if posted, immediate warning.
• Discussion/sharing of illegal activity/content such as drugs are not allowed here.
• You can only bump your topic every 14 hours.
• Advertising your forum or site in the wrong section is strictly not allowed and wont
be tolerated.

Avatar & Signature

• No vulgarities in any form should be in your avatar and signature.
• Don't use any inappropriate and large size images in your avatar.
• No inappropriate images/illegal stuffs should be in your avatar and

Account Information

• All members may register only one account unless you have the owner's permission to have more.
• Only one person may use your account in the forums.
• Multiple accounts of the same person without the owner's permission will be deleted without notice.

General Guidelines

• This is a help forum. Ask anything related to Forumotion, just follow the rules.
• Members can ask for help via PM but no illegal activities/advertising allowed. We will only entertain questions related to Forum Rescue, not forumotion.
• No advertising in the wrong section.

Some Actions That Can Get A Warning Or Ban Depending

-Vulgarities Of Any Kind -Warning
-Inappropriate Discussions More Than Once -Warning
-Bumping Topic In Less Than 14 Hours More Than Once -Warning
-Promoting In The Wrong Section More Than Once -Warning
-Show No Respect -Warning
-Speaking Bad About The Forum In Any Way -Depending On You
-Multiple Accounts
-Immediate Ban
-Swearing -Warning
-Promoting to members via PM

Follow the rules and everything will be fine. If there's an abuse, feel free to PM the owner.
Thank you and have a nice day! We hope this forum helps! Forum Rescue Rules Icon_biggrin


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